The Park is in the hamlet of Cemmo of Capo di Ponte, near Church of S. Siro. Visitors have to leave cars by the Cemetery of Cemmo and, in order to reach the tickets office of the Park, it is necessary to go by foot, for something like two minutes, following the cobbled road that starts just from the indicated parking.
From 1st March to 31st October
Every day open from 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. (last admittance at 5.30 P.M.)
From 1st November to 29th February
Every day from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. (last admittance at 4.30 P.M.)
The City Cultural Tourist Agency of Capo di Ponte, with seat in Capo di Ponte, is born in March 2007 as a synergic reality having as aim the guarantee and promotion of the collaboration among the different local organisations involved in the tourist -cultural ambit (and not only), promoting the valorisation of Capo di Ponte’s territory outside Valcamonica’s borders. Months after months the Agency has worked on projects and initiatives desiring as principal result the increment of tourism and a better and better image of Capo di Ponte. Among the various competences of the Agency we have to indicate also the management of the City Archaeological Park of Seradina and Bedolina and of the Camper Area Concarena in Prada locality. A reality at the service of the territory and that is able to unify the different organisations already present in Capo di Ponte in an active and precious collaboration.
via Stazione 15
25044 Capo di Ponte (Bs)
Tel. +39 0364 42104
Fax. +39 0364 42571
Cell. +39 334 6575628

ARCHEOCAMUNI (Archaeo-Environment Guides)
The society organizes and manages itineraries and guided visits for single persons, groups and families to the historical, cultural and artistic beauties of Valle Camonica: to the Archaeological Parks of Rocky Art (UNESCO Site n. 94), Roman sites (National Museum and Archaeological Park of Cividate Camuno), to the medieval forge Valley (Bienno, one of the most beautiful hamlet in Italy), to the Romanesque monuments of XIth-XIIth century (Pieve of St. Siro and Monastery of St. Salvatore in Capo di Ponte); guided visits for schools. Prehistoric, archeological and naturalistic activities, Archeocamuni’s didactic laboratories; bookshop at the entrance of the National Park of Rock Engravings of Naquane in Capo di Ponte.
via Naquane
25044 Capo di Ponte
Tel. +39 0364 42212

Camuniverso is a new and young reality born with the aim of give an innovative push to the fruition of the cultural and natural resources in middle Valle Camonica. The organization suggests guided visits and itineraries realized in one or more days to discover the Valley’s richness. The offers are addressed to schools and adults (Italian and foreign people) and can consist in: trekking out of the traditional paths, night visit on the engraved rocks, guided itineraries for foreign tourist. By the Expo of natural and prehistoric sciences you can book: particular didactic activities, introductive lessons and projections, guided visits.
via Nazionale 21
25044 Capo di Ponte
Tel. +39 0364 42100

The Museum was conceived to made more accessible and intelligible the history and the life of prehistoric people; it’s a “living museum” where you can run over the stages of the creativity and of the art of man. The Museum also attends to prehistoric ethnological, anthropological quests and survey and study of rocky art. Archeodromo is an experimental reconstruction of a village of 5.000 years ago; it’s not only fitted up like a village could be in Prehistory but is also utilizable by families, groups, schools that want to run over the most important moments of Camuni’s history. In the Museum and in the Archeodromo you can find didactic laboratories. The Museum offers also a service of guided visits and excursions in the nature with environment animators.
via Pieve di San Siro 4
25044 Capo di Ponte
Tel. +39 0364 42148

Pro Loco is a no-profit association and since 40 years promotes, protects and turns to account the historical, archaeological, cultural and naturalistic resources of the territory. It organizes guided visits, of one or more days, for schools, associations, families, booking – upon request- lunch and stays by local restaurants and hotels. Pro Loco has a service of specialized in didactic-touristic accompanying guides, that permits a good knowledge of the patrimony: engraved rocks, environment, Romanesque monuments, old medieval hamlets of Cemmo and Pescarzo. The touristic office of Pro Loco is at the entrance of Capo di Ponte.
All year open:
week-days 9:00-12:00 and 14:30 – 16:30
Sunday/Monday/Festivities 9:30 – 12.30
Via S.Briscioli, 42
25044 Capodiponte (BS)
Tel. +39 0364 42080
City Cultural Tourist Agency of Capo di Ponte
by Infopoint, via Nazionale nº 1, 25044 Capo di Ponte (BS)
Tel: +39 0364 42104
Cell: +39 334 6575628
City Archaeological Park inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage list, site n.94
“Rocky Art of Valle Camonica”
Managing Office: City Cultural Tourist Agency of Capo di Ponte
Scientific direction: Marretta Alberto

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