Instituted in 2005 in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Park of Rock Engravings of Naquane, the City Archaeological Park of Seradina and Bedolina preserves a lot of engraved rocks with, principally, single figures, men with weapons also on horses, hunting beatings, plough scenes. These carvings have been dated, mostly, between Bronze Age (2000 b.C.) and Iron Age (1000 b.C.). In the highest zone of the Park (Bedolina) it is possible to admire the famous “Map of Bedolina”, probably a topographic reproduction of the around territory. Inside the Park there are five different itineraries consisting of easy paths plunged in the nature that visitors can follow in order to discover the sectors the Park consists in. The particular micro-climate characterizing this area permits the growth of uncommon natural species such as Opuntia Compressa (a little Indian fig). This context was considered, by prehistoric tribes, as an holy one and the mountains protecting the area (Pizzo Badile and Concarena), during special periods of the year, “play” with sun and its rays, producing light tricks.
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City Archaeological Park inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage list, site n.94
“Rocky Art of Valle Camonica”
Managing Office: City Cultural Tourist Agency of Capo di Ponte
Scientific direction: Marretta Alberto

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